After the prompt measures which the Cypriot Government placed in order to contain COVID-19, the signs have been positive. Compared with other European nations, Cyprus managed to reduce the number of daily people affected with the virus to one-digit numbers. The government will open up its lock down measures in three phases, with betting shops being in the third phase, in which we will be allowed to open our shops for you on the 1st of June.

Until then, we are following all government and public health organisations procedures and advice to make sure that our shops will be ready, safe and above all sanitized for all of our customers. Sanitation gels will be provided along with signs around the shop helping you keep safe distance with fellow players around you. All of our cashiers will be protected with masks and separation glass so both our employers and our customers can feel safe.

Until the 1st of June you can login and play on our online sportsbook at Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep in touch with all sports related news. #keepsafe