Eurobasket 2022 is organized by FIBA Europe. Although it was in the first place scheduled for 2021, following the postponement of the Olympic Games for the next year, due to coronavirus, FIBA decided to move the event to this summer, in order not to coincide with two major events that take place the same year. The event will be hosted in four countries. The group matches will be held in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany and Italy. The knockout matches will be held in Berlin. It is going to start on September 1st and end on September 18th.

24 teams are going to take part in the EuroBasket 2022, divided into 4 groups. From the 6 teams of each group, the first 4 advance to the Round of 16, and then the knockout matches begin. The group stage will be completed on September 8.

Greece, which has been continuously participating in the EuroBasket since 1987, counts two gold medals (1987, 2005), one silver (1989) and one bronze (2009). In the previous EuroBasket event, held in 2017, Greece was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Russia and finished in 8th place.

It is worth noting that due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, FIBA excluded Russia from the event, accepting Montenegro in its place.

The favourite to win the trophy is Serbia, which is offered by Bet on Alfa at a rate of 4.70. Greece follows with an odd of 5.10, exactly the same as Slovenia. Fourth favourite is France, with an odd of 5.70, followed by Lithuania (11.50), Spain (14.50), Italy (16.00) and Turkey (19.00).

Group A – Spain, Montenegro, Turkey, Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria

The favourite for the 1st place in the group is Spain (1.88) followed by Turkey (2.40).

Group B – France, Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia

The favorite for the 1st place in the group is Slovenia (2.25) followed by France (2.75).

Group C – Greece, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Estonia

The favorite for the 1st place in the group is Greece (1.53) followed by Italy (3.85).

Group D – Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Israel, Netherlands

The clear favorite for the 1st place in the group is Serbia, and is offered at odds of 1.21 by Bet on Alfa.

The “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the top players in the world and after all that he has achieved in the NBA, he wants to achieve something similar wearing the jersey of the Greek National Team. Along with Nikola Jokić of the Serbian team, they are the two big favourites to win the MVP title.

The featuring of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the National Team of Greece, along with the presence of Dimitris Itoudis on the bench, is a promise for a great course in this year’s Eurobasket.

The third group, which includes Greece, intersects with the fourth group, which includes Serbia, the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands.

The team of the fourth group that the Greek National Team would not like to come up against is Serbia. The Czech Republic is also strong. The first of the third group will have to face the fourth of the fourth group, the second the third one, and so on.

The Greek National Team will have to fight for the 1st place in their group so as not to find the first of another group in their way until the semi-finals.

For the Greek National Team, Bet on Alfa offers the following options:

Winning the trophy – Odds 5.10

Group winner – Odds 1.53

Placing in the top three – Odds 1.83

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