Bet Booking

Always having the government and health regulations in mind, Bet on Alfa would like to assure its customers that it will continue serving the public during these distressing times of covid-19.

Bet Booking provides customers the ability to create their bet slip from their phone or computer and then visit one of Bet on Alfa’s betting shops around the island and pay for the bet slip as normal.

How does this work?

Go to and select the games you want to place your bet on. Just as if you’re betting online, a bet slip will be created for you.

Enter the amount you want to bet and then click next. A Bet Booking Number and Barcode will be generated for you and all you need to do is take them to any Bet on Alfa betting shop and pay for your bet slip.

What are the advantages of Bet Booking?

  1. Create a bet slip wherever you are. Go to the Bet on Alfa website from your mobile and create the bet slip wherever you are and whenever you like.
  2. Create your bet slip at your own pace. Take your time, in the comfort of your home to create the bet slip of your choice. Whenever you are done, visit one of the Bet on Alfa betting shops around the island and pay for your bet slip!