All the major European leagues may be interrupted during summer in order for players to rest and then prepare for the next season, but the action off the field never stops. The staffs of all the teams are scouring the markets all over the world to strengthen their roster and satisfy – as much as possible – the wishes of each coach.

Of course, this transfer activity does not leave football fans around the word unmoved. Every move can lift their spirits and increase their optimism for the future, every sale of a key player or just a fan favourite can cause reactions and spoil the atmosphere. And the amazing thing is that it only takes one purchase or sale to change those feelings overnight.

Football Transfers

Despite the fact that this year the football calendar has been turned upside down due to the World Cup 2022 which will take place for the first time in history in winter, and specifically from November 21 to December 18 at the stadiums in Qatar, the transfer period has not changed. This officially starts on July 1st and ends on September 1st. However, the window for transfers has been open since June 10. That’s why clubs across Europe have already started to announce some transfers, although the contracts of these players will start to come into effect from July 1st. The most notable example is that of Erling Halland, for whom it has been known for a long time that he will continue his career at Manchester City, after two years (2020-22) that… he did great things at Dortmund. The transfer was officially announced on June 13th.

The following day, the transfer of 22-year-old Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunes from Benfica to Liverpool was also announced, with the latter spending a total of €100 million. The player is destined to fill the gap of Santio Manet, who after six years at Anfield is moving to Munich to wear the Bayern shirt. The latter has already made its first move by bringing in Dutch midfielder Ryan Gravenberh from Ajax. Real Madrid, after the debacle regarding Mbappé, have proceeded to acquire 22-year-old French midfielder Aurélien Tchouaméni, that was a Monaco player until recently.

How successful the Transfers will be

The next stage in the careers of players playing in the major European leagues will be of huge interest.

There has been a lot of buzz about Robert Lewandowski, who has expressed his desire to leave Bayern after eight years in Munich. Barcelona are the favourites to acquire him, but another development should not be ruled out due to the Catalans’ difficult financial situation. Two of the heaviest names of recent years are also free to transfer, coincidentally both from Uruguay. We are referring to 35-year-old Luis Suarez and 35-year-old Edinson Cavani who did not renew their contracts with Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, respectively.

When the transfer period actually ends

The transfer period ends in most European championships on Thursday, September 1st. Traditionally, the last 2-3 days are chaotic over Europe, as all teams try to close find player in certain open positions, managers try to find deals for their clients and players who risked until the deadline to find the best possible offer are now anxious to have a deal and avoid being left out of contract.

Greece is an exception to this deadline, as the the National Football Assocoation (EPO) decided to extend the summer transfer period and now teams have the right to make new transfers until September 15th. Thus, the transfers will not be completed on August 31st, as used to, while the free transfer period is now until September 30th. And all this while the Super League is scheduled to start on August 20th, whereas the draw for the new league will be held by mid-July.