The 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, brings significant changes to the calendar of European championships, which are expected to open the curtain earlier than in previous years.

On August 6, 3 of the 5 major European leagues begin.

We are referring to the English Premier League, without a doubt the top league on the planet, the German Bundesliga, and the French League 1. A week later the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Primera Division start.

And then the second speed championships take their turn, but they also have a huge betting interest. We present to you all the start dates of the main leagues in Europe, counting down of course so that our daily lives can be filled with football again!

Division A: 27 August

Super League: 20 August

Premier League: 5 August
Championship: 30 July

Primera Division: 12 August

Serie Α: 12 August

Bundeslinga 1: 5 August

League 1: 6 August
League 2: 30 July

Primera: 6 August
Secunda: 6 August

Α’Division: 6 August
Β’ Division: 6 August